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Sacred Tea: The name of this company refers to the fact that tea is sacred, a gift of grace to man and that with it he can transcend the mundane world. Tea has a way of connecting us to nature, calm us and put us in deeper contact with our essential sevles. Tea is a gift from nature, given to humans, to help them become part of the deeper harmonies of life. This business is a work of love for me and everything is treated with respect, devotion and care.  I wish to pass this tea and spirit on to others. 

Tea School Classes: We offer private or group classes in the whole range and depth of the art of tea. Suggested topics include:

the art of brewing the teas of Asia

the sacred path of tea

aged puerh teas

the six classes of Asian tea

tea as vibration- medicine and healing

asian teaware

chinese tea ceremony

or any topic the client wishes

hearbal tea


COST: Classes $35-75/ hour, depending on the rarity of teas used. Sliding scale available.

SACRED TEA SESSIONS:  My sacred tea sessions are a spiritual journey through the use of rare teas which contain allot of life force or chi. Each one of these teas brings us to a different place within ourselves and opens us in different ways. The essence of these sessions is through presence, intention, attention and love to bring people to a deeper experience of themselves, thier world and the power of tea. Tea is a plant medicine which has the capability, when used properly to expand and uplift us. These simple ceremonies are powerful, joyous and quite special. Please come join me to learn about sacred tea!

COST: $35- $250 depending on length of time, number of people and rarity of teas used. Sessions are usually 1, 2 or 3 hours. Call for details, I try to accomidate everyone and shape the session around their needs.


Rare Tea Tasting Sessions :






        Aged Puerh:  There is a huge interest developing in the West now for puerh teas. The reason these teas were traditionally so valued in Chinese culture is that the aging process leads to a development of qi or energy in the leaf.  Each kind of puerh has its own unique flavor profile and energetic qualities, offering different experiences, sometimes  very profound ones. (See my link to the section on the puerh experience: Experience of Drinking Puerh )

   Unfortunately, few in the West understand the exceptional range of taste and experiences available in aged teas. Puerhs need time to mature, develop and chemically (and alchemically) change. This generally takes anywhere from ten to twenty years. New puerhs were not traditionally drunk. Although there can be great beauty in them, the treasured experience of what these cakes can transform into is being missed. A big reason for this is that there is not much aged puerh available in the West, and it's extremely costly to get experience and an education as to what is good as one must buy whole cakes to try a new tea.

       My Goal: To give people learning about puerhs (and other special teas) a chance to taste quality aged tea and to give puerh lovers a chance to try a variety of good tea without spending thousands of dollars. The only way to really understand aged tea is by drinking it. Tasting a wide variety of teas gives one  a greater understanding of the range of experiences offered by different puerhs and the ways in which good puerh changes as it ages. These sets will open up the gates of the aged puerh experience and allow people to explore further, on their own, with a good knowledge base. For those who already love these teas, these sets offer beautiful and quite varied experiences.

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